The Virtues of Novus

In contrast to the soft denture liner material on the market, the PNF® has Novus® density to reduce friction – it gives the denture liner longer life and better stability. PNF® is also less porous, which reduces the risk of mold growth, a common problem with other soft denture liners.


Novus® is made of PNF®, the only material available on the market that, in comparison to other soft denture liners have a longer life and provides a more comfortable fit

In contrast to all other resilient denture liners, Novus® is not hard, such as the plasticized acrylic and does not require any periodic surface coating in order to reduce the migration of toxic phthalate plasticizers. It is not susceptible to mold growth and does not need a periodic micro anti-bacterial treatments (in contrast to the urethane and silicone materials). Novus® excellent adhesion to acrylic denture base without special glue, and it is surprisingly easy to adapt, grinding and polishing with rotating instruments.

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Novus® Dentists & laboratories


Are you looking for a lab that specializes in Novus®? Below is our growing list of laboratories with the ability to build your existing denture, or to produce a new Novus® prosthesis.

Laboratories interested in Novus®

Are you the owner of a laboratory and want to be part of the Novus® network? Then take part in our list of Novus® laboratories across the country and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Is promoted by any Novus® publication / website
  • Novus® sellers call your laboratory dentists in the area
  • Because Novus® continues to grow, you will have better access to local dentists

Because Novus® continues to grow, you will have better access to local dentists… contact op   with NOVUS BV.

TTL Sonderen
Vosseveldseweg 16a
7107AD Winterswijk – Kotten
+31 (0) 543 – 56 35 77

TPP Feukkink
Varsseveldseweg 196A
7003AD, Doetinchem
+31 (0) 314 – 32 65 08

TPP Engelbrecht
Rijnlaan 32
3522BN, Utrecht
+31 (0) 302 – 88 01 45

TPP Van Veen
Mr. P.J. Troelstralaan 257
9406 BA, Assen
+31 (0) 592 – 26 89 89

TPP Adolfsen
Wilhelminastraat 57
7511DM, Enschede
+31 (0) 534 – 31 19 91

TPP Buschman
Johannes Vermeer Plantsoen 3A
2251 GP, Voorschoten
+31 (0) 715 – 62 22 55

Laan van Broeckhoven 4G
5213 HX, ‘s-Hertogenbosch
+31 (0) 736 – 14 15 70

TPP Oster
Raadhuislaan 34
3201 EL, Spijkenisse
+31 (0) 181 – 62 08 36

TPP Visscher
Multatulistraat 24
9602 BB, Hoogezand
+31 (0) 598 – 32 69 66

TPP Schelstraete
Steensedijk 13
4561 GK, Holly
+31 (0) 114 – 31 21 41

“Novus® helped me to solve even the most complex problems in view of function, comfort and retention of the prosthesis. I must say that Novus® is totally awesome! Patients tolerated the prosthesis better and it works even in challenging situations such as recurrent pressure sores. The Novus® prosthetics and relinings stay good for years! “

− Dr. S. Gerald Marx, USA

“Novus® … is a remarkable material. We are very impressed with the product, our patients are extremely satisfied with it. It is in my view a great improvement over other soft denture liner materials that are currently on the market “

− Dr. Finlay Sutton, United Kingdom

“50 years at home in dental technology, I’ve seen a lot and learned in the field of dental prosthetics, how they work and do not work. Under Prostheses in particular can be very problematic for patients and also they are a challenge for the dental technician. Finally there is a material on the market, called Novus® “

− Tony DeAngelis, CST, USA

“Your Novus seems to work as advertised … the material has excellent properties, good adhesion, easy to trim and polish, is quickly applied and processed. There is a short learning curve with this product but the result is worth it.”

− Ken Parker, Parker Denture Clinic Canada

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