Your NOVUS seems to work as advertised, as I have processed my first ever NOVUS permanent soft liner case. The NOVUS material did not disappoint and to our surprise provided an excellent result. The patient had a history of denture problems, so it was decided that we would attempt to…

place the NOVUS on the upper as well as the lower denture. Upon insertion there were no obvious sore spots or pressure points evident, which was not the norm for this patient. After further contact with this patient she continues to have a level of comfort never before achieved with any other soft liner we have used in the past. It is highly recommended that this be processed using a muscle molded final impression to achieve proper border extensions. The material seems to exhibit excellent properties, bonds well, easy to trim and polish, packs quickly, and can be short cured. There is a short learning curve with this product but the results are well worth it.
Ken Parker
Parker Denture Clinic, Ingersoll Ontario Canada
September 2, 2011