NOVUS® – The Most Comfortable Soft Denture Liner in the World

Minimum 5 year warranty. Perfect comfort for the patient.


Novus® Soft Denture Liner is based on PNF® technology and the patient has a denture with the best comfort. Of Novus® you can expect:

A professionally applied denture liner

  • Excellent as a lining for new dentures and rebasing of existing prostheses.
  • Absorbs shocks during chewing.
  • Non-porous material. Resistant to bacterial and fungal growth (no dirt, stains or odors).
  • Lage oppervlaktespanning met uitstekende bevochtiging.
  • Low surface tension with excellent wettability.
  • Natuurlijke aansluiting tussen prothese en tandvlees.
  • Natural connection between the denture and the gums.
  • It adapts to the gum during chewing.
  • Excellent adhesion to the acrylic prosthesis by means a chemical bonder.
  • Is not permeable to X-radiation. Is traceable if it is inhaled, swallowed or after injury.
  • One component, no mixing. If frozen is perishable.
  • Provided, treated and finished with conventional dental instruments

A satisfied patient

  • Exceptional comfort and confidence during chewing.
  • Continuing education is guaranteed 5 years soft.
  • Novus® can be applied in any prosthetic laboratory.
  • Is not susceptible to mold growth. Maintain a clean and odor-free prosthesis with normal cleaning methods.
  • Excellent quality preservation makes the gluing or sticking of the prosthesis over time superfluous.
  • Durable and cheaper.

Novus® is the only material in the world to be longer than all the other existing soft linings will retain its function and comfort

NOVUS®bezit a unique power that absorbs shock while chewing; the denture touches the gums and preserves the softness without giving an unpleasant feeling soggy. At the same time Novus® adapts to the undercuts in the pre-, mid-, and retro Mylohyoid Novus® area and softens the contact with the vagus mentalis on both sides. From a number of experiences of patients has been established that the use of Novus® Liner, in a new prosthesis or after a rebasing of an existing prosthesis, the functionality and comfort of the lower denture in most, if not improved in all cases. Novus® is truly revolutionary!

See your dental professional today & ask if your denture care could benefit from NOVUS®