NOVUS®- The most comfortable Soft Denture Liner world

White Square Chemical (WSQ), owner of the Novus® brand, is an American technology company specializing in the manufacture and commercialization of a special polymer called PNFTM (polyphosphazeen technology).

Background, Chemistry and History

Novus ™ is a PNF-based denture liner. PNF is made of dichloro polymer (“DCP”), and is an inorganic material polyphosphazeen.

Since its inception in 2012 WSQ has developed its own commercial production for the production of DCP and PNFTM. The existing production process is now used for large-scale production of Novus® at WSQ’s factory in Woburn, MA.

Novus ™ is fully tested for toxicity and contains no carcinogenic or hormonal substances

WSQ is located in Wilmington, DE and operated by an experienced management team.

WSQ brings Novus ™ since early 2015 in the US market where it is a very successful product and was appointed in October 2015 NOVUS BV in the Netherlands as its exclusive distributor for the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland.