Not all soft denture liners are equal

Search the Internet for “soft denture liners” or “soft denture liners” and you’ll find plenty of articles with pros and cons of the standard soft denture liners. Compared to a hard denture lining is a soft lining always a better patient comfort offer. Whoever claims that a soft denture liner disadvantages Novus® not know !!!

If you only make a comparison between a standard soft denture liner and a hard liner, you must determine which disadvantages of the soft lining you are willing to accept. However, there is a solution that does not have the typical disadvantages of a standard soft lining. That’s Novus®.

Features and benefits of the Novus® Soft Denture Liner


You have your dentist received a Novus® dentures. This fits coated prosthesis with soft lining itself to your gums, which improves the fit and is very comfortable while wearing and chewing. Follow these steps to increase the longevity and quality preserving your prosthesis. We recommend that you keep your dentures at night, while sleeping, out to do.

DO NOT USE corrosive or abrasive cleaning agents such as toothpaste.

DO NOT use cleaning products containing bleach

  • Clean your dentures over a sink filled with water to prevent breakage during the fall.
  • To remove dirt between the teeth with a soft, non-abrasive brush. Brush with a soft movement, always from the Soft Denture Liner to the outside to prevent peeling of the liner. (Scratches can create an environment for micro-bacterial growth.)
  • Use a standard detergent for removable dental prostheses available at your pharmacy or drugstore.
  • Store the prosthesis in fresh water in order to ensure that this’ s does not dry out overnight

If you still experience problems with your prosthesis, please contact your dentist for immediate solution. If you want to leave a patient feedback, you can fill out a comment form on


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“Novus® helped me to solve even the most complex problems in view of function, comfort and retention of the prosthesis. I must say that Novus® is totally awesome!”

− Dr. S. Gerald Marx, Louisville, KY

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